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Etha and her Mum

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Celebrating the Twickenham community  By Bethan Sproat  

Etha and her mum, J, came to the riverside to feed the ducks, have some lunch, and relax. 
“When you have a young baby it’s nice just to be outside; she’s only nine months old, so she likes to watch everything happening.” 
As a new mum, J is still on maternity leave, so she spends lots of time with her daughter. Their favourite place to go is the Riverside because “it’s lovely to sit here and it feels like there’s lots of space.” 

I asked if Twickenham could be a better place for other new mums and she mentioned that, during the short period of breastfeeding, she found it difficult to find somewhere to feed. She praised Sunshine Café for being so welcoming during this time; “I knew that this was the one place I could come and they’d always be happy to have me.” J said that mums would be happier if more cafés had signs, which said “you’re welcome to breastfeed here”, 
J said she’s “trying to stick to independents.” and they included The Press Room, Sunshine Café, Osteria Pulcinella and Bellissimo who are “good for pizza.” She thinks “it’s sad that Happicraft closed because it’s another independent.” She went on to say that her partner’s parents used to get things from Happicraft when he was a baby, so it’s sad to see it close because independents are what Twickenham is about! 

J is passionate about sports, and she thinks that Twickenham is a brilliantly sporty area. Every Saturday morning, she takes part in the Park Run at Bushy Park. J often runs with Etha in a buggy! She also loves the rugby and, living near the stadium, she is not disturbed by the traffic or the fans. She thinks that “Twickenham as a whole, do a good job [on match days] and there’s very little disruption.” J loves that the statue outside of the stadium gets woolly hats in the Winter; “I know Christmas is here when the woolly hats are on the rugby players.” 

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