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Getting Down to Business with Hawk Training


I have worked at Hawk Training for the last sixteen years, taking over the role of Managing Director in 2016.  Originally founded in 1989, the company has been based in Twickenham for the last twenty years and we have been in Regal House since 2005.

Essentially, we help organisations recruit new talent and also help them to upskill the existing talent that they have.  Every year we work with over three thousand individuals on apprenticeship schemes; this is both young people entering the workplace for the first time as well as apprenticeships for existing staff and senior level management programmes.

We work with around six hundred organisations across a broad range of sectors;  as well as a variety of small and medium sized businesses, we also work with the NHS, a number of Early Years providers and the Government which we means we even have apprentices at No 10, Downing Street.

The phrase we use is ‘learn while you earn’ and this is usually achieved through a blended approach of one-to-one support with a dedicated tutor, group workshops as well as webinars and on-line learning.  Each apprenticeship is at least one year but it may be as long as four years depending on the particular sector and the level of qualification.  

Qualities that we look for in an apprentice are an open minded attitude and a willingness to learn. We find that, as long as an apprentice has both of these, then the skills can usually be developed together with the employer.

A large proportion of our 105 members of staff are tutors who spend the majority of their time out and about with learners whether it is running a workshop, a one-to-one session or delivering a webinar.

I couldn’t do my job without my PA who started with us ten years ago as an apprentice.  She really is the living proof that apprentices can become the talent pipeline of a company and are able to rise to the more senior positions.

I am passionate about the benefits that apprenticeships can bring to individuals and employers as well as the wider community.  We are yet to see what the real effect of Brexit will be but the need to grow our own skills base in this country is probably more vital than ever before.

At Hawk Training we are very proud to be an Ofsted outstanding provider and our ambition is to be, not necessarily the biggest, but the very best at what we do and to continue to support employers and individuals in realising their full potential. 




When I started working as front of house at Hawk Training, I chose to take an apprenticeship in Business Administration.  I decided it was really important to have a good qualification behind me as well as skills and experience.

As mine was an advanced level apprenticeship, it took a year and a half to complete and I learned so much during this time.  Before I had even finished, I was given the opportunity to progress in my career and I am now working in administration for Hawk’s examinations department.

The most valuable lesson I learned was to stop doubting myself.  I had fantastic tutors who gave me so much confidence and who were able to guide me in my career path.

My advice to anyone considering an apprenticeship would be to go for it.  If it is where you see your future going, it is an amazing thing to do and I am so glad that I completed mine.  You just need to make sure that you are one hundred per cent committed.

I believe the qualities you need to succeed as an apprentice are determination, ambition and a real desire to learn.

My dream is to one day become manager of a department here at Hawk Training and I am planning to take on a higher apprenticeship soon which will hopefully bring me one step closer to achieving this.



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