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Let’s talk rubbish and save a packet!


As you can see from the photo not only are our waste suppliers bags bigger but also they are also much cheaper!

Don’t believe us, give the office a ring and we will pop down and give you a sample so you can see for yourself.
I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

If you don’t use bags then ask for a quote from Commercial Waste Ltd, they not only offer a BID discount,  but they also collect seven days a week.

One of our local pubs has saved over £1000 a year by switching to Commercial Waste Ltd.

There is no obligation, so why not get a quote and find out what you can save.

Waste and Recycling Bag Price Comparison

  First Mile Council
Large Recycling £1.00 £2.88
Large Waste £1.15 £4.43

First Mile also sells bags that are only slightly smaller than the Council bags for 76p recycling and 99p for waste.

N.B. Prices listed are per bag.

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