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New in Town - German Bakery

Author: Miranda Jessop / Date: Wed, 07/12/2016 - 12:15 / Tags: New in Town, German Bakery, Miranda Jessop
German Bakery storefront

Miranda Jessop whets her appetite at the German Bakery as she talks to co-owner, Harpreet Singh.

The idea for our shop came from my love of German bakeries.  I was brought up in Freiburg where people go to the bakery every morning for their fresh bread, pretzels and bread rolls.  In Germany, it is an important part of the daily routine.

When I moved to the UK ten years ago, I really missed all my favourite German delicacies.  The thought of opening my own German bakery was always in the back of my mind but I never imagined I would ever actually realise that dream.  I feel very lucky.

I run the business with my wife, Preeti who is originally from India.  She is in the bakery every day.  I work as an IT consultant during the week but come and work in the shop at the weekends as well as overseeing all the buying and operations. 

We pride ourselves on being a family-owned organic German speciality bakery.  We enjoy creating a personal relationship with our customers.  We welcome them in, have a chat and serve them delicious German food.  So many people are going away and telling their friends about us and coming back in with them.  That's what we like.

So far the most popular products are our organic rye bread, spelt flour power bread, pumpkin cornbread, sourdough bread, spinach strudel and pretzels.  People also love our spelt flour cheesecake and poppy seed cake.  As you might expect, Germany's favourite 'Bratwurst’ sausage is on the menu and all our food is freshly baked every morning.

Locals will be interested to know that we also stock a wide range of gluten-free products as well as a variety of German organic soft drinks. 

We chose Twickenham because we love the area and we wanted to bring something completely different to the town.  We were looking for the right location for quite a while.

Our Twickenham customers are very friendly and open-minded; they are always willing to try and taste new flavours.  People tell us that they are pleased to have a new local family-run business and we are so happy to be here. Many of our customers are German but we take great pleasure in serving all nationalities.

At first we didn't have a big enough seating area.  So we cleared some shelves and now there's plenty of room for people to sit down.

Since we opened, life has been so busy.  I used to take yoga classes two or three times a week but now I have no free time whatsoever.

My ultimate dream would be to open a second German Bakery.  Then I would be able to give up my job in IT, Preeti would run one shop and I would run the other.


German Bakery Food2Go, 1A Water Lane, Twickenham


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