Twickenham Women in Business Celebrate International Women's Day 8th March 2017 | Try Twickenham

Twickenham Women in Business Celebrate International Women's Day 8th March 2017

Here in Twickenham, we are proud to have a high proportion of female business leaders.  To commemorate International Women's Day, we were joined by a select but diverse group of business women from Twickenham to share their experiences and celebrate their success.

Clare Glover, PA to CEO Premiership Rugby

I consider myself to be very fortunate as I have been involved in professional sport all my career.   As a woman working in a male dominated environment, you can be faced with challenges.  I have learned that, in some instances, you may need to bide your time and prove your worth.  Women are good leaders because they have an alternative vision and see the challenges differently to men.  In my industry, it is actually often the balance between women and men that leads to success.  I love the variety in my job and the interesting people I get to meet.  Through a brilliant scheme called 'Inspiring the Future' I also enjoy the opportunity of going into schools to spread the word to children, and particularly girls, about the industry that I love.  I believe that women need to take every opportunity and make the most of what you've got.

Sandra Tooley, Director, Prestige Realty

I take great satisfaction in helping people reach their goal of moving to their chosen destination.  I believe women are very perceptive in business and this is really important in my line of work as it's all about knowing how to attract the right buyer for each property.  It's good to keep working when you have a family as, if you leave completely, it's a huge gap when you do decide to go back.  When I had a young family, I was lucky enough to have an excellent support network around me.  I love making both the buyer and vendor happy and working towards that final goal; the negotiating is always so exciting.  Trust is absolutely crucial in business and all our work is referral based.  My advice to other women is to always be confident in themselves.

Anna Gashi, Owner, Caffe a Roma

Opening up Caffe a Roma is my biggest achievement but also the biggest risk I have ever taken.  I believe women are good leaders as we are very motivated.  It is possible for a woman to have a successful career as well as a family but it can be difficult; I am lucky to have my mother to help take care of my two young children.  The best thing about my job is feeling satisfied when our customers are happy with the service they receive.  My advice to other women is that it may take time to achieve your goals but to never give up.

Sandy Masson, Owner, TW2 Bar and Grill

Starting my own restaurant just over five years ago is definitely my biggest achievement.  I think women do well in the hospitality business because they have great empathy as well as good attention to detail and we are able to juggle a lot of things all at the same time.  In my job, I love creating a good experience for people and making sure that they enjoy themselves.  My top tips for other women in business are to be determined, stay focused and don't let obstacles get in your way.

Cynthia Young, Owner, Perform Pilates

I am proud to have been running a fully equipped pilates studio for nearly five years.  I love seeing people connect with their bodies as they get stronger and watching them feel more confident in themselves.  I previously worked as a lawyer but, when I started doing pilates, I fell in love with it.  Following the birth of my daughter, I believed it was the pilates classes that helped with my pregnancy, labour and recovery and I decided to become a teacher.   I feel that women are successful in business because they are good at multi-tasking; even when we think at first that there isn't a way through something, we'll soon find another avenue.  I have been lucky in my business and I have just responded to things that have come my way but my advice to other women would be to always try and plan things through.

Julie Robins, Manager, True Beauty Salon & Medispa

I have been managing True Beauty since we first opened fourteen years ago.  In my job, my top priorities are to make our clients welcome and to give them an excellent service. I love meeting so many people from all different backgrounds. Although I don't have children myself, Francesca, the owner of the salon, has successfully combined a career with raising her family.  My advice to other women in business is that you need to be dedicated and then, if you're passionate about what you do and work really hard, you will succeed.

Marina Povidenko, Owner, Rina Hair Design

It was a big achievement for me when I opened my hairdressing salon.  I had always wanted to have my own business and I love it so much. I enjoy talking to my clients, meeting new people and making everyone feel positive about themselves.  I consider myself to be fortunate as I have been able to combine having my own business and bringing up a family.

Clair Ratcliff (Manager) & Amanda Tomlinson (Assistant Manager), Sue Ryder

We love our jobs mainly because of our customers.  Everyone is welcome in the shop and we enjoy building up a personal relationship.  Our work is quite physical and no two days are the same but that's what makes it so enjoyable.  We have both both been able to combine our jobs with bringing up a family. We believe that women are successful in business because they are organised and they are also good at multi-tasking.

Susan Olbery, Owner, Chuba Rasa

I feel that women do well in the restaurant business as we are often perfectionists and pay great attention to detail.  I took the decision to open Chuba Rasa two years ago as Malaysian food is my passion.  It is quite different to any other food; it is healthy and tasty and I believe that everyone should try it.  My advice to other women would be to try to work in the industry first before you set up a business in the same industry so that you can get a better picture of what the business really entails before jumping into it

Miranda Jessop, Freelance Writer

I think that women make good leaders because they are intuitive and resourceful.  I feel that I have the best of both worlds as I enjoy my career in writing as well as looking after my three children.  My top tips for other women in business are to trust your instincts and always believe in yourself.