Tots, Squats and Coffee Pots at The Exchange | Try Twickenham

Tots, Squats and Coffee Pots at The Exchange


When: Wednesday, 31 October, 2018 - 10:45 to 11:45

Tots, Squats and Coffee Pots is an immensely fun but challenging fitness class where Mums (and the odd Dad and Grandparent) can bring their baby or toddler of any age along with them.
At Tots, we emphasise the social aspect of group fitness and the nights out, the picnics, the workshops, the coffees and the play dates are just as popular as the classes themselves. THIS IS SO MUCH MORE THAN A FITNESS CLASS. We provide challenges, home workout ideas, realistic ways to eat well and easy (often sugar free) recipes to try. At Tots, we can help you get your body back in shape, get stronger and fitter and safely rebuild the core and pelvic floor muscles and work you through progressions suitable for the stage you are at. All of this plus you are guaranteed to meet a lovely bunch of people that are in the same boat and make friends.
We cater for all levels and abilities no matter where you are at in your pregnancy or post-natal journey. Kelly and her instructors have specialist training in exercise for pregnancy and the post-natal period and will provide safe and suitable exercises in varied class formats that promise to be fun.
The first class is FREE so check out the website for details on under the classes section or call Kelly on 07852155966 or email at if you have any questions. Check us out on facebook and Instagram too where you can contact us or look at recipes, photos, videos and reviews.
Come along and see for yourself and become part of the strong community presence that is Tots, Squats and Coffee Pots, which people genuinely love being a part of.
“Meet other Mums, make chums and tone your tums all at the same time!”
Kelly x

The Exchange
75 London Road
United Kingdom